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Host-Fly provides services in Web Hosting and Website Maintenance. We firmly believe in our hosting products and our maintenance services. We are Canada's best! Host-Fly starts where the other hosting companies stop, our value added website maintenance together with your web hosting makes for one amazing full-service. Host-Fly is a subsidiary of Original-Fly, a renowned premiere full service digital agency in Toronto, Canada. We strive to exceed your expectations, please check out our testimonials to learn about how we have helped our clients.


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Lets face it, most people have a hard time setting up a website and choosing the right hosting package for their business. Just look at all our competitors sites, your head probably is spinning with all the information overload. Also, updating a website can be a challenge. Our team of support specialists can fully assist you in all your needs. From registering a domain, setting up a website online and making changes to your website. Sit back and enjoy web hosting at this day and age is a commodity, and has become so cheap that companies are forgetting about how important you are to them. Our motto is — We simply add value, in every way from your quick service needs, immediate response (no automated telephone systems) and our added value sevices this includes adding SEO tags, site security, social media marketing plans, ecommerce, site backups and more.

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